the experience.


mad love



we get it. Wedding planning can be a whirlwind of insane emotions.. we’ve been there. Organizing every last details, reworking your timeline because the photographer needs 5 extra min to capture details shots . . just kidding. We love photographers . . literally . . Our wives are photographers. 


Your wedding is a one of a kind moment. Live it.

organic moments



let's be real. We are as straight forward as you can get. We may queue up a few shots through out the day but the approach we live by . . we want to capture you as a couple in your natural element. We want the real you. If you want to stray far from the beaten path, let’s do it. Bring on the shenanigans.

motion madness



we love what we do. We live and breathe this stuff. Seriously . . we are crazy into it. We've tried all the cameras, lenses, editing software, you name it. We are always learning [who isn't?] but we do know exactly what processes and gear works for us and how use them to their full potential. We know exactly how much and what type of equipment to bring for each situation. No more, no less [we also don't enjoy carrying extra things].


We figure we spend somewhere around 70 hours on any given film by the time it's all said and done [travel, shooting, editing, choosing music, color, sound ect . .] But to be honest, we don't keep track. Because, we don't let a film out the door until we say "Yep. That's perfect ." typically followed up by "They are going to love this" . 

Filmmaking is a very involved process. We are photographers, musicians, IT techs [sometimes], marketers, audio engineers, graphic designers and copywriters amongst many other things. 

Let us get to know you. : )