Films starting at $3,200 USD


The Highlight is a short and sweet showcasing of the moments in your day, using only the very best shots. The Highlight has a run time of about 3 or 4 minutes and doesn’t typically include audio from the day, although an audio option can be added for vows and toasts.  Instead, we focus our energy into creating a stellar sound track, choosing only the best moments and crafting your film into a timeless memory that suits your style. This is perfect for the couple who enjoys the simple things in life and want to have a heart warming keepsake to look back on.


This is where things start to heat up. With a runtime between 6 and 8 minutes, The Love Story allows us to focus on how your romance evolved, as told by those closest to you. We use various audio bits captured from the ceremony and toasts to tell the story of how you met, the excitement around your day and all the special moments in-between that make you laugh and cry. All this atop a dynamic soundtrack that drives the narrative and crafts a retelling of your love story in a natural way.


This is it. An 8 to 10 minute epic film of your life together. The Feature gives us a little extra time to expand your story and include all the important moments of your day.  We spend time carefully selecting the perfect music tracks exclusively for your film and then layering in all those dialogue moments of the vows and toasts that make you go “aww”.  We encourage couples to have us join in for a special moment outside of the wedding day to help tell the full story. 

Add -ons


We put a lot of time into our films and we know how excited couples can get about seeing their wedding film. That’s why we offer a quick turn around,  flashy 1 minute Instagram edit within a week of your wedding to give you a sneak peek until the full film is polished up.  Share away!


Vows and toasts? We’ve got you covered! We are able to provide a straight forward edit of your ceremony and toasts separate from your film. These edits are a bit more stripped down than the film, but are perfect for sharing with a loved one who couldn’t make the wedding or keeping some dirt on the wedding party for their speeches. 


Anything else you need? Let us know! We are totally open to customizing your wedding film however you like. Maybe you want to have us on site for your engagement shoot. Maybe you want us the whole weekend of your wedding. Or you would like to have us an extra day before the wedding to capture footage of moments spent together. Let’s do it!


Watch your video the day of your wedding. Yes, really. We strategically edit a 3-4 minute film to be shown during your reception  featuring all of the very best parts  from earlier in the day.  Same day edits are subject to location and timeline logistics.

One more thing...

We are digital multimedia gurus. We've got the hook up on custom designed items such as koozies, snapchat filters and invitations. We also know several class act photographers that we would have no problem recommending.


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