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High quality video files are large in size and along the way of downloading and uploading content, these files can get compressed in an effort to shrink the file size and save space. The downside . . this will result in poor video quality. We want your film to look as sharp and clear and possible so we have a couple quick tips to keep your film looking it's best. 



iPhone storage

If your iPhone is set to optimize storage for photos and videos, chances are your video will be saved at a lower quality when downloaded to your phone. Here are the steps to disable it.

Go to settings.

Go to photos.

Download and Keep Originals should be checked.


social media sharing

Each social media platform has their own preferences on file type and resolution. We recommend downloading a 1920 x 1080 (1080p) file for online sharing.  Your film will display nicely across all media outlets. It's still a great idea to download the original file for safe keeping. For any films longer than 1 minute that you would like to upload to Instagram, you will need to use Instagram TV. 

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