what is your booking process like?

1. You inquire. 2. We send a personalized brochure. 2½. We have coffee together. 3. You pick the goods. 4. We send a contract. 5. You sign and submit your deposit, and we're good to go.

do you film destination weddings?

Oooooo yes! We are well seasoned travelers. Outside of the midwest, we have traveled for weddings to California, Arizona and Mexico to name a few. A new location for us means we are crazy in love with it and we capture it in such a different way than someone who is local. We won't hold it against you if you don't want to get married in the midwest.

how many people will be there filming on the day?

Two of us : )

will we meet before the big day?

We would love too, if it's convenient for you. We are located in Waukee, IA but are available for coffee dates, lunches and phone calls.

how do you capture audio?

We are capturing audio on the camera anytime our cameras are rolling. For big moments like the ceremony and first look, we will use a wireless lav mic on the groom, officiant and FOB. For toasts, running a feed from the DJ's equipment is the way to go.

do you give out raw footage?

We don't. However, we do offer a long form edit add on, aka "the re-run". This is a video up to 30 minutes in length that contains all usable footage from the day with on camera audio. This doesn't contain music and isn't a flashy edit. Rather, it's more of a keepsake for you and your family that contains all the moments of the day.

how do you pick music?

With our ears! But really..we pick music based on your style. We have access to several licensing services that have amazing music. Top 40 songs you hear on the radio are very expensive and difficult to license. We absolutely love to have input on your music preference, but at the end of the day, it's best to leave the final music choice to us.

how will I recieve my film?

You will recieve a custom gallery page that contains all the download links. EZPZ.

how long before I recieve my film?

Film delivery time is specific to the film package you choose. But, 4 to 8 weeks depending on your package.

how many weddings do you shoot a year?

Around 15. We take limited number of bookings so that we can spend the appropriate amount of time on each film.

do you use a drone?

Yes. We love the little guys. Sometimes location and weather does limit drone use [ yes, the government does recongnize drones as legimate aircrafts]. So we have to follow the rules. But let's chat about that when your wedding day gets closer.

do I need to make a desposit?

Yes. We do require a 30% deposit to hold your date.

can I add items and customize a film package?

You betcha. Everything we do is custom. So if there's something you're not seeing once you get your personalized brochure, please let us know and we can make changes to fit your needs.

what is a full ceremony and a full toasts edit?

Full ceremony and full toasts edits are long form edits of each event from start to finish. These don't include music and instead, offer a perspective of the event as if you were an attending guest. These are more so a keepsake for you and your family rather than for sharing with your friends.

do we get a sneak peek?

Yep. We deliever a 60 sec sneak peek edit within 2 weeks of your wedding.

do you bring lighting?

Yes. We always travel with professional lighting. We may or may not use lighting during the ceremony, toasts and dances. We will make a decision about lighting the day of when we arrive to the venue.

we officially booked. Now what?

First of all, congrats! Here's a few things that happen between booking your film and your wedding day. 1.We send over a questioniare to get all the details about your wedding. 2.You fill it out and submit it.. 3. You set up a review 30 days out from your wedding so we can go over any last minute details or changes.

what is your editing process like?

After a wedding, we copy off all media to our server and back it up for safe keeping. We then begin organizing footage within our editing software, listening to audio bits and culling only the best shots. With all the pre-edits done, we dive into choosing music and start to develope the pace and vibe of the film. Several music tracks get auditioned, while only a few make the cut. Now that we are familiar with the music and potenital dialouge of the film, we start to connect common themes and story arcs within the edit. This involves choosing specific peices of audio that goes with visual segments. Chop, cut, slide, shift, stack, transition, delete, add.. This goes on and on until your film's storyline comes to life. Once we love it, its time for a color grade, audio mix and any final details. Export. Upload.