The Experience

We know choosing a wedding filmmaker is a huge commitment. There's only one shot at making it happen. You want to make sure you have the right team to do it right. We are always flattered when we get an inquiry from a couple who wants us to capture their wedding day. Let's make this epic. 

Our Values

A Unique Relationship

We want you to get know us. We want to get to know you. We want to know your interests and your passions. Your taste in music. Your aspirations in life. All these things help us make crucial editing decisions that reflect your personality. We're in this together and we want to walk away feeling as though we are family.

Authentic Storytelling

We don't just cut clips to music or use generic templates. Everything we do is completely custom.  Outside of shooting your film, we spend more than 50 hours on each film choosing music, culling clips, cutting dialogue, applying color and giving it a final audio mix. We tailor your film to reflect exactly who you are.  That is reason why we prefer the term the term wedding film to wedding video. Films tell a story. We strive to deliver a film so powerful that it takes your breathe away and inspires you to watch it over and over again.  We never let a finished film go out the door unless it makes us say "Yep. That's perfect." 

Cinematic Quality

Cinematic is a term that gets thrown around a lot and can mean something to one person, and something different to someone else. To us, a cinematic film needs to have been shot with quality gear, contain an engaging narrative, and be crafted using the shooting and editing techniques popularized in the big budget film industry. All of these give a wedding film a particular aesthetic that lets you know right away you are watching something unique.

authentic · custom · quality

Join the romance.

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