about us

we're [people] people.  We should hang. We’re story tellers and we’re story listeners. Caffeine brings out the best in us. 



wake and make.  I simply like to make stuff. I’ve always been that way. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s just what I love to do. Current workshop projects include wedding films, music videos and brand films. I absolutely love putting something together and giving a project life. In the off chance I’m not working, I will go out of my way for a perfectly manicured golf green or a  Netflix crime thriller series.



contrary conquest.  I believe when you order a steak, the steak is the side and the fries are the main course. I would camp in the woods all the time but there's no power to recharge camera batteries or fire up a vintage tube guitar amplifier. I spend way more time researching audio and camera gear  than I actually do using it. I'm a bit of a Tarantino fanboy. How could you not be? Reservoir Dogs? Pulp Fiction? Also it blows my mind than precision cut grooves in a rotating piece of plastic produces the warm sounds of vinyl records.

live authentically

take us anywhere.  We live in Waukee, Iowa. A once tini-tiny farm town that has since been gobbled up by the Des Moines metro. While DSM is possibly the coolest city in the midwest . . [sorry KC . . close but no cigar] it does get stale here from time to time. So, we crave the opportunity to kick it somewhere else for a change.